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BetrayedBetrayed screening and discussion

In early 2007, George Packer published an article in The New Yorker about Iraqi interpreters who jeopardized their lives on behalf of the Americans in Iraq, with little or no U.S. protection or security. The article drew national attention to the humanitarian crisis and moral scandal. Betrayed, a play based on Mr. Packer’s interviews in Baghdad, tells the story of three young Iraqis – two men and one woman – motivated to risk everything by America’s promise of freedom. Betrayed explores the complex relationships among the Iraqis themselves, and with their American supervisor, struggling to find purpose while a country collapses around them. Culture Project presented the world premiere of Betrayed in early 2008; Thirteen/WNET filmed the production for broadcast on PBS.

Read the feature article on Betrayed from The New York Times.
Read the full text of Packer’s “Betrayed” on The New Yorker‘s website.
Conversation to be followed by a conversation with director Pippin Parker and actor Sevan Greene, moderated by Paul Nugent (from Culture Project).
Mon. Aug 20, 7pm
$25 or pay what you will.


*A portion of the $25 ticket sales will benefit Refugees International. Refugees International advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises. We are an independent organization, and do not accept any government or UN funding.



Interactive Think Tank: Foreign Policy & the Media

An interactive think tank exploring U.S. foreign policy and the media, moderated by Nermeen Shaikh (broadcast news producer and weekly co-host at Democracy Now! in New York City), with Melik Kaylan (Journalist, writing for the Wall Street Journal and columnist for Forbes) and Jean Victor Nkolo (Senior Programme Officer in the Coordination, Advocacy and Programme Development Unit, United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on Africa). Topics include drones, assassinations, preemptive strikes, monetary policies, control of the UN, energy culture, corporate media & propaganda.

Wed. Aug 22, 7pm
Pay what you will



Stolen Seas

Stolen Seas

Utilizing exclusive interviews and unparalleled access to real pirates, hostages, hostages’ relatives, ship-owners, pirate negotiators and experts on piracy and international policy, Stolen Seas presents a chilling exploration of the Somali pirate phenomenon. The film throws the viewer, through audio recordings and found video, right into the middle of the real-life hostage negotiation of a Danish shipping vessel, the CEC Future. As the haggling between the ship’s stoic owner Per Gullestrup, and the pirate’s loquacious negotiator, Ishmael Ali, drags on for 70 days, these two adversaries’ relationship takes an unexpected turn and an unlikely friendship is born.

Thur. Aug 23, 7pm
Pay what you will



Directors’ Weekend: American Foreign Policy

Directors, Evan Cummings, Joseph Hendel, Ashley Marinaccio, Zoey Martinson, Elana McKelahan and Shana Solomon address American Foreign Policy through original 10-15 minute pieces. [Meet the directors]


Programming for the final week of IMPACT 2012 was made possible by the generous support of the Embrey Family Foundation.